Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Yet another day

Yet another day stuck inside but at least today I've had a good walk to Bulhell, Aren't I the lucky one. But other then that Ive been playing Fallout 3 GotY. Nothing is more fun then shooting "ol' painless" into the head of some unsuspecting people/beasts in V.A.T.S and watching their cranium explode and looting the corpse for caps or ammo. I am playing Fallout 3 due to A) that its in my gaming pie (once forgot the L in pile) and B) that the new Fallout is coming out soon which I am looking forward to.

I do think I have been playing it a bit too much of late due me referring myself to Fawkes in my last blog. And now feeling in a slightly better mood then last time I wrote my blog. There are things are still upon my mind which still need to pondered about but they will come to me in due time.

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  1. i really really really wish i understood the first paragraph.