Wednesday, 20 October 2010

The Joy of depression

Tis nothing worst the a random depression that sneaks past and makes the one feel bad. Kind of how I'm feeling at the moment, but enough of that. Today I have done a little research into 2.5D game engine I found one call DxIce that supports 2D/2.5D/3D but you have to sign up to get it. I have also emailed the creators of "Blade Kitten" cus its the newest 2.5D that I know of. I only asked what the engige is called is and if its free or has to be brought. I am waiting for the reply, But I hate it when I'm not paying attention and get a email from Facebook, Newgrounds, or others. And I finally got an email back about the cost of advertising and it's the most basic answer ever and I qoute;


It could be from ten pounds to to millions of pounds depending on what the advertising budget is and what media the adverts will run on (posters, radio, TV, Google ads etc).

Thanks and regards,

Tristram Defries
Digital Communications"

But then again it depends how much the comapany wants the game to cover.

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  1. no time for depression mah boi! you have the internet! learn a new language, stream movies, troll forums, flash games. all the new games coming out, oh wait, you have a ps3......;0)