Sunday, 17 October 2010

Is in love with The Big O soundtrack

People may know that I'm a bit of a fan boy when it comes to The Big O, This is true and recently I felt like listening to music and decided to put some on YouTube. After a while I thought of The Big O and I'm in awe of the complete AWESOMENESS of the music. I would like to see a game of The Big O or possibly the movie. If they did come out I would be rather happy. Most of the music is made by a piano and if I knew how to play them I would play them all the time. Putting orchestrated music in anime or games just lifts them up to a new level. Even though not many people has heard or seen The Big O. The music fits in so well and makes the viewer more involved.

I would like some music like this into a game possibly the demo, but it needs to be discussed. We've not talked much about music within the demo. This might be the topic of discussion on Monday, but more likely what going to happening in the demo. I'm guessing music will come later in the developing stage. We have been dealt a massive blow with our main weapon within the demo. I cannot think of many idea for the demo, sometimes I can think at the spur of the moment while listening to the other members. Soon we should be making a presentation which I'm not looking forward to but it MUST be done so I shall not falter.

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