Monday, 11 October 2010

About time

Finally I have reached level 70 on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and has decided to give it up, It's nothing more then arses with grenades and shotguns these day and this is partly the reason that we must do part. Many a time I had killing shot and yet the enemy does not die. Nothing has ever has got me as angry as that and thus i will be saying goodbye to all the rage I spewed forth at my television. Here's an idea for Genius (BBC 2 I think) COD power, somehow tap into people anger and make the body shout and lob their controller and convert that into energy. If everybody did this. There would be free energy for 10,000 life times in one day and think of how much we could accomplish.

Enough of The Rage Game, lately I have been in an a foul/down mood due to a number of reasons these that I will keep to myself. But most of all that I keep getting the idea in my head that I am rather useless. In our group I have done the accounting and came up with some ideas. It seems like I'm not doing much at he moment. Thanks to all of them we have a possible game idea. They are working hard to get this idea off the ground. They all deserve a pat on the back so with all the detail that they are putting into the demo. This shows that they are dedicated and continuously pushing themselves forward.

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