Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Tis my attempt on 200 words.

Apon the many activates that I attend, many people would see as dull and tedious, but in the case of I, they amuse me, such activities include walking looking around at the scenery that is rarely seen by modern eyes. But after a day at a learning establishment an old friend got into contact with me to go for a walk, so I replied back with no haste and agreed to go on such venture with madam. We met up and started to walk through the thick wood that I have the pleasure to peruse around at my leisure. Apon exiting the wood we decided to walk even further. I knew of an old mansion that needs to be looked upon. After looking at the splendour we decide to walk further, we saw a lake which people like to fish at. After we entered upon another thick wood but this one I knew nothing about. We walked and walked into the wood with a worn out foot path beneath our souls of our feet. We saw wild life and flora which we miss these days we saw a hedge that looked easy to slip through and ended up in Hucknull.