Wednesday, 20 January 2010

LRU 2: Domination

This is an RPG that I used to play a lot when I was younger. But I stopped playing it after I completed. So I played it once again and all I did was fight monsters get money and experience. What can you buy more weapons, armor, potions, upgrades for you weapons, magic spells, elements for your sword attack, transformations that's about it. Very repetitive by pressing up in every red section to up to 3 times in one move. Kinda annoying to get money, say you just killed a level 20 snake and all you get is 15 gold for a LEVEL 20 SNAKE FOR CRYING OUT LOUD but you get 100+ exp and you have to pay 100 gold to upgrade you base weapon then 200, 300, 400 etc last is 900, just think how many fights you need to go through to get the last upgrade. There are 6 weapons so alot of money spent upgrading, the most expensive items is armor, the 4 uber armors cost 8000 gold each, you have to be playing the game 24/7 just to get 1 uber armor. so i've turned this little game log thing into a rant. Maybe cause i'm watching Charlie Brooker newswipe and kinda turn into him for a few mins while writing this. To whomever plays this game prepare to be bored by repetitive.

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